Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I'm hangry

I’m just going to put this here and be on my way. 

Let me guess.  Your most savage opposition to what’s officially known as Australia Day is focused on two individuals?  Both female.

Lee Lin Chin and any day now you will squeeze out some sanctimonious drivel about Miss Jessica Mauboy.

Because that’s where you go everytime.  You avoid the organisers, Meat and Livestock who paid for an ad about lamb chops, the ad agency, governments -- or to put it another way -- you avoid the men and aim straight at the women.

To call you out on your consistent sexism feels like bullying.

I feel like I am standing on your dick.  But seriously, why is it - boy - that you are only trying to get up in someone’s face when it’s about a girl who you can argue has done you wrong?  Women who, lets face it, don’t even know you’re alive?

And gee, wind up another female and let them go at it for you?  Here, have a tissue.  *drops tissue on the floor so you can mop up your dignity*

How about you shut it and get back in the kitchen and make me a fucking sandwich.  I’m hungry.

And for the record – bitch – I can call the day what ever I want.  I lean towards Survival Day, but maybe I will call it ‘Smack down a sexist male’ Day.  Every year.  Just for you.  

You don’t get to skate through January tossing darts at women because you have a ‘I fight racism’ hoodie on.  That would be like me using violence…to fight sexism.  

Sexism and its ugly twin, violence, is our shadowy companion. We lost our language in the genocide, we don’t have the words to call it out.  

If you were a little kid I would speak to you now as such. With kindness and generosity. That is my responsibility towards children.  But you’re a fully grown man.   And a bully. 

Now run along.  Go rattle a tin or what ever it is that you do.  It's bad enough already.  We can do without your coagulated hate.

Always was...
Always will be...
Aboriginal land.

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