Monday, 31 July 2017

Feminartsy Writing Residency 2017

Dear readers,

I've some exciting news! I was thrilled to have been recently selected for one of the 2017 Feminartsy Writing Residencies.

Over the next ten months I will be one of the writers producing an article a month. 

I'll post the links here.

My theme for the residency - the status of black women, specially Aboriginal women, in Australia.  I'll be writing about women I know, the lives I am familiar with, and where feminism of all kinds has gotten us.

I'll also be talking about activism - what works and where it has failed black women in particular, and the embedded violence within what continues to be referred to as the 'Aboriginal community' that needs to be exposed, for all our sakes.


June 2017 

Unless you know me very well, I am unlikely to be the Aboriginal person that you expected.
How did a people who are constantly reported on and at the centre of Australian politics, if not the hot issue of the day, for one reason or another, and frequently as a result of a mash up of numerous issues of outrage become so misunderstood? How is it that I still encounter people who are unnerved to discover I am not ‘that sort of Aboriginal’?
I can help them with that.
Image: Joshua Hibbert