Tuesday, 27 May 2014

On violence [link]

The Indigenous community is awash with violence.

I’ve chosen to put this post on my politics blog rather than OnDusk because the content is ugly. I would caution a reader to not go any further if they have concerns about graphic content in relation to violence against women. I do not intend to write much more on this issue but have decided to on this occasion because I was recently asked for my thoughts on ‘how to work with Indigenous men to reduce violence against women’, and I’d like to attempt a response longer than the 140 char Twitter limit permits.
[Updated - 27 May 2014 - Clarification -By no means is this an essay - these were my thoughts at 3am prior to packing to travel to Melbourne for the Emerging Writers Festival. This is longer than a tweet, but far shorter than a thesis - they are my thoughts and I have removed previously embedded tweets to ensure I have not inadvertently misrepresented anyone in the course of expressing my thoughts.]

The link is here

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