Monday, 4 August 2014

#bbwf2014 Scrapbook

How lucky we were - a spontaneous decision to go to this year's Byron Bay Writers' Festival for a Saturday treat, happened just in time.

Shortly after purchasing our tickets, the #bbwf2014 sold out!

B-Y-R-O-N   B-A-Y
W-R-I-T-E-R-S  F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L
It was a hard choice. 

After carefully poring over the program we decided on which panels to attend:
Indigenous literacy; crime fiction; writing true crime; Indigenous leadership; ex-Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser in conversation with Kerry O'Brien; a report card from five writer's and their roadtrip; and to finish the day we worked out how to arrive early to secure a good seat for what we knew would be a packed out session with a lively ensemble of media heavy weights.

Welfare’s share of total spending has fallen over the past decade and Australians are less welfare-dependent, not more.
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[The Guardian Aus 4 August]

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