Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day 2014

To mark the 2014 Survival Day I will be telling a yarn on Twitter on Sunday afternoon, east coast, Sydney Australian time.

Synopsis : 
Indigenous life over the generations - from the present day to the 1950s, and further back to prior to colonisation. All links will be posted here.
Storify Maisie May is here

[Update: The #TweetFiction was collated for e-publication and is available for download here ]
 Writing Black- New Indigenous writing from Australia 


2014 Australian of the Year

Having been crowned Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes said he was extremely honoured to receive the award, describing himself as a ''very proud indigenous man'' keen to fight racism in Australia.

What is the Australian of the Year Award?

Australia Day ... is Survival Day

Please note, this link provides details of the death of hundreds of people, which is a small number of the thousands of Indigenous people who were shot, hung, poisoned, thrown over cliffs, and drowned.Records are incomplete, and in some cases were destroyed to avoid punishment of the white Australians who committed these crimes.For many years this information was not freely available, was disputed until evidence was irrefutable, and many Australian's continue to be reluctant to confront these shameful events in Australia's history. 
Please open with care. 

Though incomplete, this Map of massacres provides an idea of the scale of the massacres.

The Stolen Generations are the Indigenous children who were stolen from their families. More links:

For general information about Indigenous Australians and forced location onto designated areas: known as reserves & missions.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014


"The sinister world of The Haven is ripe territory—this story is an unforgettable character study, written in a haunting noir..."

Where it begins ...(free blog posts): Icecream, Chocolate & Honey and continues with :

" Nightwalkers "

Review of Australian Fiction, Volume 8: Issue 6

"  This is the sixth and final issue in Volume Eight of the Review of Australian Fiction. It contains new stories by Bruce Pascoe & Siv Parker. This volume is curated by Jennifer Mills.  "
" I saw Siv Parker speak at the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne this year, and have been following her on Twitter (@SivParker) and her blog ever since. She’s such an accomplished composer in those two literary forms that I was shocked to learn that this is her first published piece. Parker heroically agreed to contribute a story at the last minute when another writer disappeared on me, so I’m extra grateful to her for being here. And her story, ‘Nightwalkers’, is simply wonderful: dark, urban, and utterly chilling. Let’s call it boardinghouse gothic.
The sinister world of The Haven is ripe territory—this story is an unforgettable character study, written in a haunting noir worthy of Nick Cave at his best (indeed, I found myself humming ‘Red Right Hand’ while I was reading it). "  Jennifer Mills December 2013

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My bio was recently posted  The Guardian Comment is Free ...Five questions to Siv Parker
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