Thursday, 30 April 2015

84th Edition Down Under Feminists Carnival May 2015

I will be curating the 84th Edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival for May 2015.
Home page - click here

"wow, tell us more"
The carnival is a monthly collection of blog posts of feminist interest from around New Zealand and Australia. It has been running since June 2008, with Downunderfembloggers taking turns to host.

"blog posts?!! what kind of blog posts?
Topics presently include Politics, Violence, Race/Racism, Science, Media, LGBTQIAU, Family/Women’s Work, Sex/Relationships, Language/Literature, Disability, Class/Poverty, Repro Justice, Intersections, Life, The Body, General Feminism/Social Justice, Reviews, Creativity/Geekery and whatever you fancy. 

"where do I find the carnival?"

the new home for the Down Under Feminists Carnival of blog postings, which is now in its seventh year is here
Please follow the tabs to read past carnivals and how YOU can volunteer to host a carnival.

"I need to get on to this ASAP! Tell me how?"

"when you say 'Down Under'....

Submissions must be of posts of feminist interest 
by writers from Australia and New Zealand
that were published in April.

"um....what kind of feminist are you?"
My first ever feminism blog post 'On feminism' is here

"what are you interested in?"

Good question. Lots of things. At the moment, I'm working on some projects to do with
  • black womens' voices - being amplified on social media and reaching a broader audience.
  • violence against women - all women, thought Aboriginal woman are 34x more likely to be hospitalised because of violence.
  • feminist literature - A list of recommended texts is a daunting task to contemplate, and I'm tempted to skip the theoretical and just stick with the fiction - discuss.
And hoping to get past the awkward stumbling around in the dark phase that feminism has been for most of my life.

I'd love to hear from anyone!!

And I'm always happy to *talk* on Twitter. @SivParker


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