Friday, 22 August 2014

Hold the front page!

I interrupt this blog-trip back in time, spanning two years since I began my foray into social media,  to announce some exciting news....

... my blog is being published!

Do you dream of taking your blog beyond the cloud and committing it to paper? Melbourne Writers Festival in partnership with Blurb is pleased to announce the Blurb Blog-to-Book Challenge, and invites bloggers from all over Australia to submit. 
Three lucky bloggers will have the opportunity to create and publish a book based on their own blog ... during the eleven days of the Festival from 21 to 31 August.
Successful authors will attend the Meet the Blurb Blog-to-Book Authors event. 
Blurb blog to book challenge here
Melbourne Writers Festival 21-31 August 2014 here

I am so pleased to announce I'm one of the three lucky winners! 

Now I’m busily deciding what’s in and what’s best left out of my first volume of an OnDusk blog-to-book.

As per my reflection a few days ago...I spotted an opportunity on Monday, submitted a book proposal, and now the fruit is mine.
Two years ago, I thought the greatest reward from social media was a foot in the door to publishing. Turned out, I was doing it wrong. Anyone who is serious about writing knows publishing is not low hanging fruit. 
It takes research and a carefully thought out plan to be published - where you find them, and not the other way around. That, and there was one thing else. 
From days spent writing and juggling commissions, and planning more, and scheming even larger projects, I'm suddenly immersed in the need to commit to a book layout, and fonts and page settings, and the big one: the cover. A front cover is a big enough undertaking, and then it occurred to me...the book has a back cover as well. Double joy! 

I am a black writer, I am attached and outside, I am free...  [Satellite June 2014]

Oh no, why am I not an illustrator as well? 
Do I have time to do a course? Is there some as yet unexplored talent I can unearth between now and ….what is merely days away? Doubtful. 

But I will have plenty of words. I've been fortunate to have received feedback on my writing via social media so I have some ideas over which pieces to consider including in my OnDusk blog-book.

There are 52 posts in the 2013 archive vault, plus what is 'alive' for 2014.

As part of my Melbourne Writers’ Festival adventure, I will be blogging regularly and there will a tweet yarn or several.

Link to rolling blogs 
2014 Melbourne Emerging Writers Festivahere

Saturday ~ 2014 Byron Bay Writers' Festival here

And my thanks and gratitude to Robyne Young for featuring me in an artist profile for Regional Arts NSW:

I especially like the headline on the home page!

Collection of tweetyarns 'An Outsider: Tales from the Fringe' here

Robyne Young ‏@Robyne7
Regional Arts NSW @RegionalArtsNSW


And may I ask… do you like social media + music?

Who doesn’t?!

I recommend @We_Love_Aural
It is a rotation curation account for lovers of music.
All enquiries through @destroy_robots

I’ve been hosting this week and I’ve loved the musical interlude.


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