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Survey 1 - Results [16June]

Firstly, I’d like to say thankyou to everyone who retweeted and had a look at my first attempt at a weekly survey and especially thankyou with my deep appreciation – really! - for those who took the time to complete the survey.

I have learnt a lot from this exercise and will be making some improvements to future surveys.

I explain more about “why a survey?’ here.


Q 1. Do you like cat pics on Twitter?


Yes: 50%
No: 50%

Early results showed somewhat of an aversion to cats – and announcing interim results, saw a climb in support for felines in social media.
Notes - to accommodate the preferences of at least half of Twitter who prefer zero cats, I will not be including any more ice breaker survey questions about cats.

Q 2. This question sought feedback around familiarity (from 1 to 5) with some common phrases in the Indigenous affairs lexicon :
Constitutional Recognition, Sovereignty, Self-determination, Assimilation.


The results indicated that respondents were most familiar with ‘Assimilation’  and there was broad understanding of all of the terms, with the least recognition to do with understanding, and being able to explain ‘Sovereignty’.

50% understood what Constitutional Recognition and Sovereignty means and 30% could explain it.
'Self determination' had the broadest spread of answers, spanning from unsure of the meaning, to ‘understanding’, ‘able to explain it’, and advocating at public forums (for or against).
And the highest score for familiarity with a term was for ‘Assimilation’ - confidence in being able to explain what it means scored the highest (70%) and another 20% answered they are sufficiently confident in their understanding to advocate (for or against).

Q 3. Let's check your gut responses....

You see an Aboriginal person laying on the footpath, close to the entrance of a block of flats. The person is unconscious and bleeding from the head. There is no one around. Is your first response ...
  • Ring the police.
  • The person is in clear view in a busy location and you do not want to get involved.
  • Ring an ambulance.

Notes: In hindsight, I would not have included Questions 3 & 4, or I would have rephrased the questions, or if I wanted to ensure accuracy, I would have needed to disable the ability to revise a previous answer.

Q 4. You are cleaning the windows of your first floor flat - and standing on a chair lean over the balcony to clean a window - and topple over the edge. You land on the ground and sustain a head injury.

Do you want passerbys to... 
  • Ring the police
  • Call an ambulance.


In 100% of the cases – regardless of who was laying on the ground – respondents indicated they would call for an ambulance.

Notes: For a first time survey  – it was an interesting exercise for me, in how to frame a survey question that a) doesn’t alienate respondents, b) seeks feedback on sensitive issues, and c) decides to be a survey, rather than a moral challenge.

Q 5. In a question on popular culture and two recent ground breaking tv shows that were developed, written, filmed by and with most of the key roles filled by, Indigenous people, the question was ‘what did you watch?’ :


Redfern Now 67%
Gods of Wheat Street 11%
Neither 22%

Q 6. Which of these issues is the most important (needs public, corporate and/or philanthropic support):

Support services (MH, AOD)
Justice reinvestment
Health services


Racism 14.2%
Homelessness 14.2%
Health services 14.2%
Education 57.17%

The results need to be read in conjunction with some of the comments, which also serve to assist in analysing the results:

  • Ending fossil fuel dependency and the rapid destruction of the biosphere.
  • All of the above.
  • That is a really tough question; Ultimately all these things should work together.
  • All above are important.
  • Very hard to choose. Racism or other bigotry is at the heart of many of these issues.
  • Very hard choices lady. But the latter will result in all of the above.

Q 7. This was a hypothetical around a scenario with limited options – what would you do?

Consider, if you were unemployed and homeless with a sick child - what would be your immediate priority, if these were your only choices?


Look for a bed for the night ... 40%
Beg for $7 to go to the doctor ... 60%
Attend a job interview ... 0%

Q 8. More popular culture - Indigenous films, tv and literature – what do you want to see more of..?
comedy, drama, action thrillers, romantic drama/comedies, bio’s & documentaries, lifestyle shows, reality shows and diversity.


Comedy ... 11%
Thriller ... 11%
Romantic drama / comedy ... 22.2%
‘I’d rather see diversity in Australian film, tv and literature’ ... 55.5%

And one respondent indicated an interest in a genre not specified – ‘horror and work based on Australian history’.

I explain more about “why a survey?’ here.

[Updated]   NEW OnDusk 'Survey' page is here



All survey results will now be stored here

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