Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday night surveys

Check out my new survey here

Why a survey? 

For me.... I'm always interested in 'what do people think?' My interest doesn't stop with the survey - I see it as an icebreaker.

For you ... You may also be interested, so I'll post the results to my blog. The results are anonymous and will only be reported on my blog. 

If there is sufficient interest, I plan to post...
Survey questions - topics will vary - at 6pm each Monday. 
Survey closes midnight Monday. 
 Results posted after midday Tuesdays EST 

Updated -11pm for the benefit of respondents 
across the timezones,
survey results will be posted Midday Tuesdays. :) 

Today's survey includes questions include... 

  • Do you know what 'Constitutional Recognition' means? Sovereignty? Assimilation?
  • Redfern Now Vs Gods of Wheat Street...which did you prefer?
  • What do you think is the most important issue requiring support: possible answers include racism? self determination? jobs?

Results will be posted here (without too much ado, I hope).

My philosophy - there is no right or wrong way to experiment with new mediums, providing I am not using or exploiting anyone else.

I'm trialing the use of a new SM tools (new to me, at least) and today's is Survey Monkey.

I am interested in useful - possibly  - and hopefully with minimal expense, if not FREE SM tools.

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