Friday, 2 May 2014

Start low, finish high

I spent the first half of the day reading submissions on the Exposure Draft for the Racial Discrimination Act. 

I blogged my thoughts 'Keep 18c of the RDA' on the last day [30 April 2014]  for submissions here 

Some sobering data, as per the Close the Gap Steering Committee submission...

Localities Embracing and Accepting Diversity (LEAD) Experiences of Racism project which surveyed 755 Aboriginal people from Victoria. The survey found that in the past 12 months:  97 per cent had experienced at least one racist incident.

' Close the Gap Campaign rejects proposed changes to the RDA ' - submission is here 

I’ve not been well – managed to achieve resistence to nearly every antiobotic known to modern medicine, but that’s now been sorted and I can make long term plans, all the way clear through to next month.

'Emerging writer' means 'struggling writer', and no goal is achieved without a fair bit of effort.

And because I haven’t mentioned it in a while, and as testament to the awesome potential of festivals such as the MEWF … this is what eventuated following my trip to Melbourne last year.

" Nightwalkers "

"  This is the sixth and final issue in Volume Eight of the Review of Australian Fiction. It contains new stories by Bruce Pascoe & Siv Parker. This volume is curated by Jennifer Mills.  "
" I saw Siv Parker speak at the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne this year, and have been following her on Twitter (@SivParker) and her blog ever since. She’s such an accomplished composer in those two literary forms that I was shocked to learn that this is her first published piece. Parker heroically agreed to contribute a story at the last minute when another writer disappeared on me, so I’m extra grateful to her for being here. And her story, ‘Nightwalkers’, is simply wonderful: dark, urban, and utterly chilling. Let’s call it boardinghouse gothic.
The sinister world of The Haven is ripe territory—this story is an unforgettable character study, written in a haunting noir worthy of Nick Cave at his best (indeed, I found myself humming ‘Red Right Hand’ while I was reading it). "  Jennifer Mills December 2013
Preview & purchase  CLICK HERE
Introduction & free posts - Sweetness I, II & III - is  here

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