Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Black Freescribers

Black Freescribers

-- Pledge --

  • I am an artist. I have set myself free.
  • I stand by my work.
  • I write what scares me.
  • I value my work.
  • I am fiercely protective of my creative time.
  • I challenge others:  I examine ideas that challenge my values.
  • I exist – I am whole.  I can not exist in this world if I do not write.
  • I am relentless. I set my own pace and I have no end.
  • I have no guiding hand:  I write what I know.
  • I need no introductions:  I speak for myself.
  • I am most free when I write from my imagination.
  • I am a storyteller of emotional truth.
  • I respect those vital to me, by writing my true self.
  • I write for the future.
  • I am experimental: I innovate and I explore.
  • I write for myself.
  • I do not seek permission to write. No one needs mine.
  • I am a writer.

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Siv Parker 


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