Thursday, 2 July 2015

It's the same old song

What caught my attention about the foot tapping, head wagging Motown classic song – It’s the Same Old Song – is discovering that it was recorded in 24 hours.  

From concept to recording to vinyl to first being played on the radio, the Four Tops had another hit song, right on the heels of their number one hit, I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch).

Motown hit songs – there’s plenty enough for people to have a favourite or two.

I’m convinced without even doing the research, that in 1950s United States, Motown music had a lot to do with white people taking another look, a closer look at Black people.

Which brings me to Prison Songs.

Prison Songs is a multi award winning documentary including Best Direction in a Documentary (Stand Alone) for Kelrick Martin at the 2015 ADG Awards.

Screened earlier this year on SBS, this one hour documentary is now available for download rental for the price of a Motown classic.

The concept: 
“The inmates of Darwin’s Berrimah Prisonare shown in a new light in Australia’s first documentary musical. The inmatesshare their feelings, faults and experiences in the most extraordinary way –through song.”
Prison Songs – Highly recommended. Astonishing achievement.  And memorable songs with the expert guidance of singer/songwriter Shellie Morris. Do yourself a favour.

Video download here
'Prison Songs' Shellie Morris, Casey Bennetto & CAAMA on iTunes here


We need a new song, a new way of examining the over representation of Indigenous people in jail.

There’s research galore

There’s fact checking just in case you doubted the figures on Indigenous child incarceration rates

There’s news stories pretty much every week …

There are campaigns, hashtags, individual effort and collective advocacy... but just who is listening to what feels like the same old song?

DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with any campaigns or crowd funding awareness raising efforts.  We need more voices - I'm not looking to make up the numbers in the choir.

Now it's the same old song
But with a different meaning since you been gone
It's the same, same old song
But with a different meaning (Since you been gone)

And it breaks me up to hear it

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