Saturday, 2 January 2016

Rules of Engagement 2016

Congratulations on joining Twitter. These are my top 3 tips for new comers. 

Tip #1

Twitter is not dying. It has over 300 million users so it will be around for a while. You have not missed the boat if you are starting now.  So - welcome!

Tip #2

Hey country... resist the urge to go track down the larger or more prominent blackfella accounts to tell them you don’t like the way they go on.

This is what THAT looks like.

If you start like this....


...and it doesn't work may want to do this...

...but it ends up looking like this...

And if anyone tells you this....

....they're probably doing a whole lot of this...

#Tip 3

No one is in charge of the black voices. 

A big Twitter account is like a sand castle. Some people have just spent a lot longer on the beach. 

It's true, you do get people who have put a lot of effort into building their sand castle. When people have gone home, they are still there working on their sand castle.  

They've got a big generator going, spotlights, being eating alive by sand flies, but they're still at it (reading 'how to guides', copying tips and shadowing other people doing exactly what they're doing to try and keep ahead of the game).

The learning part is fun.

It might only be sand, but put in the work and you can make money out of your sand castle.  Some people even worked out how to get mob to look after their sand castle while they sleep under a palm tree with their feet in the water.
Others are here for social justice. Others like the 'social' part of media. A lot of people work here. 

It is only a thin slice of Australian Aboriginal life. 

And it's all good.

Good luck and see you on Twitter!

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