Sunday, 28 April 2013

Radio star

The days are getting shorter and the nights are growing cooler so I've moved my writing set-up indoors, and then enjoyed a late burst of perfect weather.
My winter writing set up ....

It's not really cold enough for it yet, but I couldn't resist because if there's one thing I really enjoy, it's setting fire to things:
Perfect for warming me and neighbourhood stray cats if only they'd come closer ...

A writing exercise: Radio Star

Goodmorning all – how’s your day so far – it’s cold, that’s what it is. Here’s three in a row to get you up, get you moving, get you into the day…

If he brings you happiness….

Mmmm I love the smell of disenfectant in the morning. Using the key on the chain to unlock the luxury items – liquid soap, cheap spray & wipe and of most value, perfumed, soft as a cloud, patterned, two-ply, name brand toilet paper.

No one wanted to be the radio station cleaner, but it didn’t worry me, I can breath through my mouth when need be. And I was the only one on site that time of the day so no one slowed me down.
Loading up my waistband like a gun slinger with spray & wipe and a cleaning rag, I propped all the doors open as Freddy promised to tend to my tears in English and Spanish.

Mother of god, what the hell does this woman eat? Nose wrinkled and scrubbing with arm fully extended as George Jones invited me to walk through this world with him. As long as the receptionist thought I needed taking down a peg or two, she’d be making that known in the ladies, and I’d be paying back by repositioning my Deadly Award on the front desk so it’s shiny surface hit her right in her face every day she came to work.

Another deep breath in the corridor – yes George, I’ll go where you go – into the men’s, cheeks bulging with air. They wondered why I used so much of the bright pink candy coloured liquid – you would too if you stood as far away as possible while bucketing porcelain. The paint was starting to peel above the tiles but no one could argue every surface hadn’t been swabbed down.

Running now, up and down the corridor with the carpet sweeper.

…every gambler knows the secret to survivin’…

Oh yes, true that Kenny.

Throwing everything back in the vault, locking it tight. Then stirring the last drops of milk from the tiny fridge into my coffee.

…I found an ace that I could keep

I fished out a milk coffee biscuit – woohoo - and legs moving fast while I balanced the chipped mug I made it back to the mike just in time.

...There’ll be time enough for countin', when the dealin's done.

Some good advice there from The Gambler, Kenny Rogers, then along came Jones, that’s Mr George Jones, Walk Through This World With Me, and kicking off the breakfast show this morning, Before the Next Teardrop Falls from 1975, the legend Freddy Fender.